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Frequently Asked Questions about Product Photography
by Michaelharley · February 28 Wholesale Air Max 90 Shoes , 2019

Businesses often hire space in photography studios London for product photography. The pictures are uploaded on websites particularly e-commerce portals and are also used for printed ads published in magazines and newspapers.

Learners who are new to this art have some common questions about photography of business products. Some of these are answered here:

What are the different kinds of product photography?

The common product photography sessions organised in photography studios in London include:

Individual shots: A shot of the product usually with a white backdrop

Lifestyle shots: Multiple shots of the product where its usage is also demonstrated

Scale shots: These are taken to give audience a better idea of the product size.

Detailed shots: A close up shot of the product to underscore its specific features

Group shots: Collections of products exhibited together in a single frame

What equipment do we require for product photography?

High quality camera, natural and artificial light preferably controlled by modifiers such as white shoot through umbrellas, and a tripod. Backdrops of light shades particularly white are important to get the best results in product photography. Such equipment and facilities are available in photo studios London.

What are the different ways of using light in product photography?

One of the light sources must serve for your key light and others can be backlights as per the results you desire in the picture. You can even place a sheet of white paper or cloth to diffuse some light and get softer shadows in your image.

The key light should be positioned in front of the product Wholesale Air Max 90 , slightly towards a side. The backlight or fill light can be at its back or above it. You can keep changing the angles and distance between the lights and product till you get evenly distributed and soft silhouettes.

You can even take a white cardboard to neutralise some light and soften the shadows further. Remember though that lights in a studio will give you more control on the complete process particularly when you shoot with multiple products over prolonged hours.

With the right setups in a professionally furnished photography studio, it is possible to get consistent and professional outcomes. These can also be recreated for a series of shoots.

What are the DSLR Settings recommended for product photography?

It is not advisable to wide angle lens for product photography as this will distort the product鈥檚 picture. You can consult an experienced photographer for the right aperture to get a good shot. A wide aperture of f2.8 or f4.5 can narrow down the depth of field which will leave parts of the product to go out of focus. On the other hand a small aperture of f8 or f11 will offer a wider depth of field and that helps in keeping the product sharp and in focus. It is also important to use the right white balance (or colour temperature). It should be the same as that of lights being used.

In addition to using these tips, do not hesitate to consult a more experienced professional Wholesale Air Max 90 Pink , when in doubt.

Author Bio: Founded in 2006 by Photographer Francois Boutemy and Designer Chris Charalambous, Simulacra Studio has worked with a number of high calibre clients for more than a decade. It also organises workshops and artistic development courses to give budding photographers the best of growth opportunities in the industry. For more information on the studio and trainings imparted visit

Are You Living Your Fears or Your Dreams? Business Articles | July 15, 2018

Are your fears running the show in your business? They don’t have to. You can use vulnerability to tap into your dreams instead.

As I sat in yet another corporate meeting Wholesale Air Max 90 Blue , I was running a list in my head. The list I’d made of the things to do before I started my own business. I’d been thinking about this business and doing preparatory things for 5 years. And still no business.

I was scared. What if I failed? What if I lost my house because I couldn’t pay the mortgage? What if I looked like a complete idiot in front of my friends?

We all have fears. You can probably list 10 of yours right now, with the greatest of ease!

The big question is: are you living those fears? Or are you living your dreams?

It’s been 22 years since I last sat in a meeting as an employee, 22 years since I became an entrepreneur. I’ve moved through many waves of fear. Debt Wholesale Air Max 90 White , offerings that tanked, employees that weren’t the right fit.

And every time, I’ve nudged my fears aside and lived my dreams. It didn’t end with starting a business Wholesale Air Max 90 Black , which took the jolt of getting fired to start me on my path. I’ve lived many dreams since, much more intentionally: increasing income, global clients Wholesale Air Max 90 Mens , and working with amazing people.

It’s been one of the great adventures of my life. Through this adventure of being an entrepreneur that you and I share, I’ve discovered how I want to have impact. You can too.??

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