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>Animated Explainer Video ? The Must Have Conversion Tool
Posted by AnimationB2B on August 20th Dan Feeney Jersey , 2016

At a given moment, there's a lot that goes on in the world of internet marketing. If you are a marketer, you will understand that grabbing eyeballs to your company, service or product is no cake walk. Because there is so much going on Mike Williams Jersey , the online viewers sift through visuals a fraction of a second and may give only a few seconds to what looks appealing. In making the most of the very little time you get, an animated explainer video renders you just what is needed – it attracts, impresses and bring you a highly valuable client conversion!

These explainer videos are a boon to online marketers and can be a business booster, no matter what your online business. So what are the most popular types of this most effective conversion tool? Here's taking a look:

Whiteboard animation

A very popular style indeed! Here all illustrations are done on a white background Kyzir White , usually in black. The concept is explained to the viewers in the form of a story where image after image is drawn, as if like a live act, through this animation.

Cartoon style animation

This style offers you much room for expression. From interesting colors to interesting concepts and humor cuts to expressive sound effects, these videos are truly a complete package that can be absolute fun to watch while it serves the conversion purpose.

Live action combined with animation

The amazing combination of live action Derwin James , that allows you to be personal, and animation that serves the purpose of illustrative story telling does a great job in offering you the best of both worlds.

Animated music video

It is like your usual music videos, just presented in an animated version with animated characters and background in captivating color schemes. If the music is good, this style of animation video is defined to be a hit conversion tool for your business.

Cut-out animation

This is a basic animation where the characters are outlined in black on a white surface Jahleel Addae Jersey , creating image after image while being supported by a narration that is the main element in delivering the message. Because the visuals are simple, it lets you focus more on the message. However, there may be some who value visuals more and may, therefore Keenan Allen Jersey , find this style of animation less interesting.

Digital cutout animation

It is a richer version of cut-out animation where the visuals are more detailed with the use of nice colors and well defined features. The narration is played along simultaneously in this style of animation explainer video as well.

Animated stick figures

And it's again about the basics. The very simple stick figures prove to be playful videos that don't end up leaving you overwhelmed. It leaves you with a very satisfying feeling while delivering the message that it is meant to deliver.


There are also other styles that work well as animated explainer video to bring you those valuable client conversions. For instance, motion graphic animation that uses simple animation, graphics put in motion, kinetic typography animation that uses words put into motion while playing a relevant background music Melvin Ingram Jersey , animated infographic style, screen capture style, stop motion animation, etc.

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