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The spirit of a great city is reflected in the cutting edge works of Jaisini. There is a given subject and a special atmosphere but to Jaisini it would not fulfil his artistic ambition to simply record the rubble and destruction.

Every picture dedicated to NYC in code orange is a mini scenario for a performance with different characters, roles, subtexts and screenplays. Every character in Jaisini's visual rendition of NYC in code orange is usually a typical New Yorker conducting daily life and encountering an unusual situation as viewed by the art director who came up with his own vision of what life could be like in a city that is no longer troubled.

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Yustas Kotz Gottlieb Text Copyright New York 2003

All rights reserved
Art of Paul Jaisini by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb
Who is Artist Paul Jaisini

About The Author

Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb lives in NYC, NY. His work has appeared in various publications in New York Nolan Arenado Womens Jersey , the US and international and he is an internationally renowned writer who recieved countless awards for his talent, as well as being listed in Who's Who in American Art and Literature.


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