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Soccer fans get a hard time in the press and from the public at large.

In fairness Wesley Matthews Jersey , a lot of that is richly deserved. Anything Piers Morgan says on Twitter, for instance, is worthy of all the scorn a pen can muster.

Come to think of it, Arsenal fans booing Arsene Wenger at a train station and throwing red wine at the Manchester United bench during their recent defeat also deserve to be highlighted for their spoiled brattishness and insufferably borgeouis nature - who the hell drinks merlot at the game?

However Dennis Smith Jr. Jersey , when they are not being totally unreasonable or killing one another, fans can be the richest aspect of the beautiful game.

Take the long memory of the Stoke City faithful. Last week they serenaded Wenger and the traveling Gooners with ""Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,"" a song made famous in the other soccer code. Stoke were three goals to the good against the Gunners and they took this opportunity to remind Wenger of his accusations that Stoke were more of a rugby team than a soccer side Dallas Mavericks Jersey , some four years ago. That's an example of the wit of the terraces at its best.

Also last weekend, fans at Dutch side PEC Zwolle held up a banner featuring the Wealdstone Raider at their Eredivisie game against ADO Den Haag.

The Wealdstone Raider, also known as Gordon Hill, is a social media sensation and fan of semi-professional Wealdstone FC who became famous for being the drunken star of a YouTube video where he taunts a Whitehawk FC fan that his team has ""got no ground"" and ""no fans"" before asking if he ""wants some.""

Hill has turned his embarrassment at his drunken antics to a good cause and has been charging fans 2 pounds ($3.13) for pictures Jordan Clarkson Jersey , which he has -given to a local charity. He's also milking his 15 minutes for all it is worth and is the subject of a Daily Mirror campaign to get him to the coveted Christmas No.1 spot.

The Raider has also befriended a fellow super fan from the sharp end of the soccer pyramid, United supporter Andy Tate. Tate gained notoriety for his exasperated verdicts on the Reds under David Moyes on the ""Full Time Devils"" YouTube channel. There are many more like them, at every club. My own favorite fan is Pompey ever--present John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood. Google him.

Whatever the level of -soccer, it's the fans that make the game. Remember that as you're watching from the comfort of your own home this festive -period. Even if they are wearing comedy Santa hats.

" Engineering has been the career choice of many students for several years now. This has been because of the large number of job opportunities that engineering education has presented to students. With the turn of the century George Hill Jersey , though, computer engineering became one of the most popular streams within Engineering Management. The reason has been the growing scope of computer technology around the world.

In the recent times, students have gravitated towards education that makes them mobile. In other words, they want the ability to work anywhere around the world. That applies to computer engineering education too. For that to happen Kevin Love Jersey , a student needs to hold an engineering degree that is recognized globally. Hence, you- as a student- need to be discreet while making a selection of the engineering collegeuniversity and the place where you study.

For multiple reasons, Dubai might be the ideal choice of destination for computer engineering education. Firstly, there are various engineering courses in Dubai that can give you the international recognition that you are aiming for. There are some top universities and colleges of the world that are making way into Dubai. This is obviously because of the increasing popularity of this international city.

Another reason why Dubai is a good choice of destination for engineering education is the brisk growth of computer science and engineering industry in the city. If you perform a research on the topic LeBron James Jersey , you will get more information about the dynamic I.T. sector of Dubai. Dubai Internet City is a case in point. It is an I.T. park that is created by Dubai Government as a free economic zone. There are an increasing number of job opportunities in the sector. Additionally, these jobs tend to pay very well.

Moreover, an engineering Degree in Dubai does more for you than make you eligible for a great job in Dubai. It makes you international. As mentioned earlier, some of the top universities have arrived on the shores of Dubai. These universities offer internationally relevant education standards. Hence Kyrie Irving Jersey , it ensures that the world becomes your playground. You get the ability to explore the explosive growth of I.T. in different parts of the world. Be it U.S.A., Canada, or Australia; they are all looking for well-educated computer engineering professionals.

Bits Pilani, a 50 year old engineering institute Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey , has a branch in Dubai too. Visit , and it can offer you that engineering degree in Dubai that can change your life.

Amer Pilani is an experienced educationist and helps students with identifying the best computer engineering institute for their needs.

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