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23.05.2019 04:01
Chatting with Antworten

Chatting with a friend, somehow I talked about the sensitive topic of "Heavy patriarchal". She said that there are still many people in the society who have this kind of thinking. I don't agree with her. First of all, one thing is that my grandmother has seven children. For the hard conditions at that time, I don��t understand why there are so many births. Eating is a problem. Later, I asked my grandmother. She said that she thought that her children would have more labor, and that when the labor force is more, life will become better and better. Now we can��t help but feel ridiculous and perhaps some sympathy Parliament Cigarettes. The books that Dad and Uncle read are naturally more than the aunts, because their idea at the time was that girls read more and marry, and they would count, and they would not be deceived. I admit that they have the idea of ??"heavy patriarchal," but this kind of thinking belongs only to their generation, just as they raise such children. With the progress of the times, people's thoughts are changing with each passing day Marlboro Cigarettes. The thought of "heavy patriarchal women" is also falling apart. Many people will say, why are there so many people who must have a boy, even if they violate the birth policy? Let me use my understanding to answer this question well. The first person who has this kind of thinking is not the performance of "patriarchal", but the selfishness of human beings. Because the daughter is finally going to marry, the old saying goes, "raising children and preventing old age" is the truth. The reason why many families want a son is to make plans for themselves when they are old. They are fair to their daughters, and they are treated equally for the degree of education and all kinds of problems in life. Some pets are more inclined to their daughters. If feudal thought has an impact on the idea of ??"heavy patriarchal", so far why is it that a woman marries a man instead of a man marrying a woman? Because the woman��s marriage is not part of this family Cigarettes For Sale, it is only a relative. I can't think of this question. However, what I want to say is that the higher the level of education, the better the standard of living is to want a daughter. Because they don't need anti-aging, their income and ability can be anti-aging, they are not afraid of being old, because they have knowledge, books, and great souls. I once saw a passage in Zhou Guoping's "Niu Niu". I hope to have a daughter because life is a gift from a woman Carton Of Cigarettes. I would like to give it back to a woman because I know that I am a beloved father. I am afraid to spoil my son Newport 100S. But I am not afraid of my daughter's petty because my son can only share my loneliness. My daughter not only shares and comforts my loneliness. Because God and I both demand men and treat our daughters favorably. The little boy makes us a headache. The silly girl makes us break because of the poet. There is a permanent covenant with women. I want to say this paragraph better explains my point of view. Then, above, for the "nurturing and anti-aging" quoted by me, you may refute that raising a daughter can also prevent you from being old. Then let me tell you what I understand. Yes, raising a daughter can also prevent old age, etc. We can't walk. When the wheel of life circulates to the age of one year, our urine is uncontrolled. When someone needs to take care of it, the daughter can do it, and it can do better than the man. But in spirit, the oldest person is most afraid of being alone. The daughter has already married, has her own family, and has her own parents. It is very difficult to take time to accompany the old man at this time. The old man saw other people's children and sons around the knees, and then looked at his own knees, and the comparison was more lonely, helpless and empty. Of course, you can also say that the elderly are connected to the side, let them live with their granddaughters and enjoy the family fun, but because the background of the two families is different, the contradiction will always end this situation. At this point you can also say, no, you can adjust the contradiction, this situation will not happen, but the old man is the old man, let him suddenly leave the place where he has lived for most of his life, to a strange place, In fact, it is very difficult to adapt, and their connections, their talk after dinner, everything can not be replaced, unless, as I said above, the living standards of two people can prevent old, spiritual life Enriched. This kind of thing is not without it. The growth of the population of most developed countries in Europe is negative. That is to say, they do not want children. It has exceeded the theory of ��heavy patriarchal��, showing the living standards of people or spiritual life. Far more than domestic. I have also asked many people how to think about the phenomenon of "heavy patriarchal women". Some say that there are still many, especially in rural areas, and some say that there are not many, but only a few people, in fact, only this The two viewpoints say that there are still many phenomena in the rural areas, such as "heavy patriarchal women". I have also seen that many people have to have a son. Many people have caught this phenomenon and said that they are "patriarchal." Because they have to have a boy. I don't agree with this statement. What is "heavy boy"? As the name suggests, it is to look at men and despise women. It is also a male priority in terms of material and education. But in this family where a man has to be born, is this phenomenon there? No, they are treated equally, so there is no such phenomenon as "heavier." They do this only because of selfishness, and this phenomenon is caused by women marrying men, not men marrying women. When the economy is put on, people��s spiritual life will naturally improve. The economic foundation determines the superstructure. The phenomenon of "heavy patriarchal" will not be a minority. I believe that it is a social reality that no longer exists. What we need is time and understanding


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