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LOS ANGELES Ben Bishop Youth Jersey , June 15 (Xinhua) -- To those over 600 artists, nothing is more exciting than painting on the cement ground of the whole street block with chalk: they are creating their art pieces under foot with imagination and creativity.

More than 600 chalk artists from all over the country came to Pasadena, a city in California where the famous annual New Year Rose Parade takes place, to spend the weekend creating artworks in every imaginable style in the tradition of the Italian "madonnari" street painters.

This year's highlights include "Animation Alley," featuring animators and graphic designers; the new "Chalk of Fame," showcasing chalk versions of famous movie posters at the ArcLight movie theater; and a mural of Pasadena's hometown baseball legend Jackie Robinson by Tom Matousek Stephen Johns Youth Jersey , a local artist.

Chalk paintings won't last, and after the two-day festival, they will disappear. But chalk artists do not care. Two days are enough to show their talent and imagination.

In 2010, the chalk painting event in Pasadena was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest public art event of its kind, and this year it is 10 percent larger, according to the event organizer.

Also Brett Ritchie Youth Jersey , the appeal of watching the chalk art taking shape on concrete crosses all boundaries of age and levels of sophistication. Last year, about 100,000 visitors attended the two-day event, and this year, more visitors are expected.

William Zin, who graduated from the California State University Esa Lindell Youth Jersey , Long Beach with an art degree, was working hard on his chalk painting "Going to the West" Saturday morning.

Zin said this is his fifth year here, adding that as an immigrant from China, he wants to show Americans the rich Chinese culture with his chalk.

"Visitors would always come to me and ask me what the painting tells, and I would tell them the story I learned when I was a child," Zin said.

Zin said the first year he was here Tyler Pitlick Youth Jersey , he painted a tiger; the second year, he painted Guan Yu, a Chinese ancient general in the period of the Three Kingdoms; the third time, he painted figures of Terracotta from the Qin Dynasty; last year, he presented figures of Beijing Opera.

"They are all images from China, and I am glad those images and figures are welcomed here Devin Shore Youth Jersey ," Zin said.

Although Zin has a degree in art, he is now working in an import and export company because he has to make a living first. "But art is still my hobby," Zin said.

Charles Chavez is a professional artist specialized in customized murals drawing or painting. He was working on his "Tea Party" painting Saturday morning.

The idea of "Tea Party" comes from Disneyland, Chavez told Xinhua. He said he loves painting on the wall or on the street. He has painted murals for local schools and businesses for many years.

Chaves said he has been here for 10 years. "I know the chalk paintings won't last long, but I love to show visitors the process of creating an art piece on the street cement ground," Chavez said.

Peggy Jordon and her daughter Tiffany Jordon are both chalk-painting lovers. They have been going to the annual event for the eighth year. This year Mattias Janmark Youth Jersey , they were creating an art piece of "Do You".

"'Do You' means 'be yourself', do not let others distract you," Peggy Jordon explained.

As the mother and daughter were painting on the ground, a photographer approached them with a photo he took last year, which shows them painting a dog on the ground.

The photographer promised to email them a copy, which made them happy as they would be recorded and remembered even though the chalk-painted images will go.

Street painting is a tradition that dates back to 16th century in Italy and has become the main source of income for many traveling artists after the World War II.

That renewed burst of visibility has resulted in the creation of festivals across North and South America and Europe.

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This article will give an overview of how to build a successful partnership with calculators in education. We will go through the benefits of this partnership and then we will cover some basic ideas of how to create mathematics laboratory experiments.

Let us take the graphing calculator as an example. This type of calculator gives the student the ability to visualize the problem, experiment with mathematics theorems, and validate answers. The students can learn new theorems before they are introduced in class. This way the student can take an active role in his education. In addition, this will improve the student communication skills. Finally graphing calculators produce graphs faster and with high accuracy.

The meaning of studying graphs has changed in essence. Instead of learning the mathematics of how to make the plot itself the student studies the curve and experiments with its properties. The good student is not the one that does the plot accurately but is the one that understands the behavior of the curve at different points.

Calculators are like special purpose computers that are dedicated to certain mathematics applications. They are very portable and much more affordable. Moreover John Klingberg Youth Jersey , they are much easier to use than personal computers and any school laboratory can have enough calculators for students of a single classroom.
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