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A screen capture of Chou Tzu-yu's apology video
Members of an online forum from the Chinese mainland escalated their verbal attacks against a group of Taiwan netizens on Facebook on Wednesday night Greg McKegg Jersey , following the latter group's support of reportedly pro-Taiwan independence singer Chou Tzu-yu.

Members of LiYi, the biggest forum on search engine giant Baidu's online community Tieba, launched an "attack" on the Facebook pages of several Taiwan media organizations - including two famous Taiwan media, Set News and Apple Daily - at 7:00 pm on Wednesday. Attackers attempted to paralyze the pages by leaving a massive number of stickers in their comments areas.

According to a detailed and clear plan posted online, the mainland netizens demanded that all those participating in the campaign change their profile photo to China's flag, stressing that their aim is simply to show their disapproval of Taiwan independence without targeting all Taiwan residents.

The attack followed a sticker fight on Saturday on the Facebook page of Chinese mainland actor Lin Gengxin Bryan Rust Jersey , who joked about Taiwan pop singer Chou Tzu-yu's apology video on his Sina Weibo account, irritating some Taiwan netizens.

Chou, a member of South Korean girl group TWICE, was recently accused of being in favor of Taiwan independence by Huang An, a well-known singer and TV host from Taiwan.

Taiwan Net users left numerous vicious comments on Lin's Facebook page, while their counterparts in the Chinese mainland quickly struck back by posting stickers that ridiculed the Taiwan netizens.

The unveiling ceremony of Lei Feng Institute in Shanghai

China's first "Lei Feng Institute Justin Schultz Jersey ," dedicated to promoting the late soldier's spirit of altruism, patriotism and modesty, has been set up in Shanghai, news portal thepaper reported Saturday.

The establishment of Lei Feng Institute, in the Songjiang district Shanghai Hope Project teachers' training facility, is a long-term project that aims to encourage a "good social atmosphere Olli Maatta Jersey ," said Wu Renjie, Shanghai Project Hope's office director.

Project Hope was jointly set up by the China Youth Development Foundation NGO and the Communist Youth League to boost rural education.

Lei Feng, a soldier who was the subject of a nationwide posthumous publicity campaign, has been a household name since Chairman Mao Zedong called on the entire nation to follow Lei's example one year after his death in 1962.

Wu said the project's priority has shifted from building educational infrastructure in rural areas to taking care of students' "mentality."

The institute will provide training to Project Hope teachers and volunteers in Shanghai, according to Wu.

On February 25, 150 people attended the institute's first seminar on Lei Feng Mario Lemieux Jersey , with attendees including officials from Shanghai's civilization authorities, members of the Shanghai Youth Federation, and representatives of local youth volunteers.

"Our first class received lots of positive feedback," said Wu, adding that many attendees only previously knew about Lei Feng's selflessness, and overlooked the fact that he was also faithful Matt Murray Jersey , dedicated and patriotic.

"The essence of learning from Lei Feng's spirit is his devotion to serving others. If everyone could do that, there would be no more corruption," said Wu.

On Saturday, which is also known as Lei Feng Memorial Day, Shanghai launched a new subway line named after Lei.

The subway is numbered 1218, referring to Lei Feng's birthday Sidney Crosby Jersey , has Mao's praise of Lei Feng printed on the side of its carriages, reading "Learn from comrade Lei Feng."

Hair loss, the curse of many men and interestingly an ever-increasing quantity of women, is still largely some sort of medical enigma the accurate cause of which includes still to be established. And in fact there may stop a cause to hair loss, but rather, hair loss in men and some women can be caused by number of factors each taking part in their part. For any hair loss treatment to be effective most of these possible leads to such as nutritional deficiencies Jake Guentzel Jersey , inflammation and infection connected with the scalp by itself, hormonal unbalances, environmental components and certain disease says all must be considered within deciding what exactly is precisely the very best hair loss treatment solution.

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