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Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Making A Huge Buzz
Posted On : Dec-14-2011 | seen (101) times | Article Word Count : 453 |

The Korean tech giant Samsung has proven to be a force to be reckoned with this 2011. Around the world Authentic Chris Carson Jersey , it has sold approximately 20 million units of the i9000. The Korean tech giant Samsung has proven to be a force to be reckoned with this 2011. Around the world, it has sold approximately 20 million units of the i9000. This early smartphone has been in the market since June of 2010. It has also successfully sold over 10 million units of the highly popular S2. This is a milestone achievement for the company. It has only been around since April of this year and still remains to be the most desired phone in the market. Between the two handsets alone, the company has sold over 30 million smartphones. Apple has sold 4 million units of the iPhone 4S in the first three days the phone went on sale. However, Samsung spent significantly less in terms of marketing and advertising. Furthermore Authentic Russell Wilson Jersey , polls have revealed that the phone's appeal in the market is slowly spiraling downwards. Samsung's flagship is still going strong despite being in the market for as long as it has.

The 30 million sales between the two smartphones may seem impressive. However, this is nothing compared to the total amount of mobile phones the Korean firm has currently sold. It has sold a whopping 300 million phones. This achievement in sales will further soar with the Galaxy Nexus. This is the new Android flagship.

The Galaxy Nexus is a monster of a handset. It comes with a 4.65 inch Super AMOLED display. This large screen is what Apple fans envy since the new iPhone 4S only comes with a 3.5 inch retina display. Samsung's new handset also comes with impressive hardware. It comes packed with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor under the hood. Compared to 4S's 1 GHz dual-core A5 chip, the Nexus is sure to allow you to enjoy more from superior processing power and performance.

Another advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is its internet speed. On Apple's handset, users were limited to 3G internet speeds. On a 3G network Cheap Ugo Amadi Jersey , you will enjoy fast internet. However, you will enjoy lightning-fast internet on a 4G network. On a 4G network, you will get to stream videos and download apps like never before.

Another reason why this new phone has been receiving countless positive reviews is due to its software. It is the first phone pre-installed with the latest iteration of Android. This is the Android mobile operating system version 4.0 or simply Ice Cream Sandwich. This new version offers a number of new features and enhancements such as Face Unlock, a new interface Cheap Phil Haynes Jersey , and enhanced multi-tasking.

These are the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is quickly becoming one of the most desired smartphones in the market. This will further popularize the Korean phone giant. If you do a survey in a school among the students about their favorite subjects, you can get different answers. But, one thing is sure, a very few pupil will tell maths as their favorite one and those who say that Cheap Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , look quite meritorious and bright with their round glasses and packed bags, but lack fun factor. But, maths is not a subject for the geeks only. It can be your and everyone favorite subject.

But, as we all know Cheap Cody Barton Jersey , it is full of formulas and calculations and frankly, logic can make you insane sometimes. But, have you ever tried to go deep of it? No. but, once you do so Cheap D.K. Metcalf Jersey , you will find how interesting the subject is actually.

According to the famous English theoretical physicist Paul Dirac, 鈥淕od used beautiful mathematics in creating the world鈥? It is so true. If math means calculations regarding time, measurement, shapes and sizes Cheap Marquise Blair Jersey , then without maths everything is impossible. Without it no trees can be green, no seasons can come and no life on earth can exist. So, nothing is possible without mathematics.

What is the importance of a math tutor in Calgary?

Calgary is a rapidly growing city in Canada, where many schools Cheap L.J. Collier Jersey , colleges, universities and other institutions are located. But, just like other parts of the world, here also the students find maths more difficult than the other subjects. So Cheap Michael Dickson Jersey , they also strive to get a good guidance to learn this subject in a better way. Here comes the importance of a tutor. Here are many such math tutors who can teach you it in a simple manner and help you to lessen your fear.

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