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1. Define the targeted mobile platform for your application
This is one of the crucial decisions to be made before actually jumping into the development phase. Even if you have a huge budget DeSean Jackson Jersey , it is always advisable to start with one mobile app platform and then goes to the next. Instead of developing an app in all possible platforms and launching all together, define one mobile app platform; develop your app in that; launch the app; see the user reviews; improvise the app and then, start development in another mobile platform. This will help you to make it a strategic investment. Let us help you to make a choice. As per the worldwide statistics, Android and iOS are two most widely used mobile platforms. Among both of these Dallas Goedert Jersey , Android enjoys the maximum user base. Thus, it is advisable to go for Android development.

2. Find professional android developers
If you are an Android developer, then you have already found the one! But, if you are not an android developer Carson Wentz Jersey , then you need to hunt a professional android apps development team. Yes, a team would be better to make it a more organized as well as it will help you with the quick delivery of your desired app. You can either hire a team on premises or you can take help of the companies, which offer Android apps development services. If you are starting a whole new business of android application programming to earn revenues, then hiring on premises team would be the best idea. However Brian Dawkins Jersey , if you have a few mobile app ideas and want to monetize those, then the best thing would be to outsource application development. This will save your energy from managing resources and let you focus on other important tasks.

3. Define the scope
Once you are ready with your professional android apps development team, this is the time to sit onto a table and discuss your idea with them. Let them know your vision and what you want to achieve with this application. Based on your narration, ask them to prepare a professional documentation Randall Cunningham Jersey , briefing about the scope of this application. Spend enough time to review this scope and having iterations, if needed. You have to make sure that you and your development team are on the same page. You have to pass each important feature you need in your app to your team so they can develop that. This can be done with an exercise of defining a very clear scope.

That is it! Once you are done with this initial groundwork, and defining the detail scope of the work for your android app, you are ready to start android app development Cheap Eagles Jerseys , which can be then, launched in the market to win the hearts of the android app users.

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Motivated by the events of 911 2001 and problems with 911 calls from cellular phones, the FCC requires that by the end of 2005 all cell phone carriers must be able to trace the location of cell phone calls to within a range of no more than 100 meters.

Cell phones are already available with GPS technology installed. These systems are not the same as the GPS devices used by hikers, mariners and drivers. Lower cost models do not allow the user to enter data such as mapping software. All systems require a wireless network.

Cell phones with GPS technology use AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). Assisted because the system uses both cell phone towers and satellites as location finders.

There are advantages and disadvantages in the new technology. The cost to implement the program will be passed on to consumers -? cell phones will cost more. Privacy is a real concern with the general public especially in this day of identity theft. It is a concern that unknown people will be able to access your location. Also there is a possibility that the spam you are flooded with on your home computer will now be sent to your cell phone.

Using GPS cell phones to track people has some great advantages. Locating kids and family can be a blessing. Remember though Clayton Thorson Eagles Jersey , if you try to locate someone who is out of your calling area, you will be charged extra.

The obvious benefit for the consumer is the issue of emergency aid and that was the catalyst for this whole idea of GPS cell phones. A 911 call that can be quickly located, emergency roadside assistance, locating persons missing in remote areas Shareef Miller Eagles Jersey , the list goes on. If coverage is available then GPS cell phones save lives.

Many carriers already have GPS cell phones available. You can buy the basic model for emergency tracking or you can pay for the technology that turns the cell phone into a sophisticated mapping, PDA system. Problems are still an issue with the advanced features. The more you use the advanced features, the greater the drain on the battery. Increasing battery size also increases the cell phone size and that is a problem for most consumers who want ever smaller, lighter devices to carry around. At this time Japan seems to have the edge on developing the high-end miniature GPS cell phone.

Sacrificing privacy for safety is the issue and I suspect that it would only take one positive outcome in an emergency situation to make the decision for you.

As the systems become more and more refined camera and PDA capabilities are being included into the phone itself. Developments in GPS cell phone technology are continuing. If programmers can solve the issues of privacy then the potential for GPS cell phones is incredible. It will no longer be an issue of "Can you hear me now?" Rather the question will be JJ Arcega-Whiteside Eagles Jersey , "Can you find me now?"

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