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Summary of the Patriot Act
The Patriot Act speech came forty-five days after the terrorist attacks on September 11 in the United States. The aim of this speech was to strengthen America through the provision of suitable tools required to intercept and prevent terrorism. Its aim was to identify and prosecute the international terrorists that operated on American soil although its consequences have been drastic (Domke et al. Paul Pierce Kids Jersey , 2006). The Act encroached on the past sacred amendment rights that safeguarded free speech and expression as well as the Fourth Amendment rights offering protection for the American citizens against unwarranted search or seizure. It also authorized unconstitutional and unethical surveillance of the citizens with minimal improvement in national security. The intention of the act was to update the wiretap as well as the surveillance laws regarding the Internet age, controlling the real-time communications and the communications in storage, and to allow the law enforcement to carry out searches on property.
1. Domestic Security
The president speech established that there be a counterterrorism fund from them treasury for reimbursing the Justice Department as well as other government agencies in case there are any losses resulting from terrorism and particular counterterrorism activities. It was also declared in Section 102 that the Americans from South Asia, Muslim Americans and Arab Americans have an entitlement to full rights just like any American citizen and that there must be adequate protection for their civil and liberty rights. The act speech gave the president the power to investigate, prohibit or regulate the importation or exportation of securities or currency when the country has an engagement in armed hostilities or when attacked by a foreign nation (Domke et al., 2006). It also gave the president the power to confiscate the property of foreigners Larry Bird Kids Jersey , organizations or countries that were involvement in planned, aided, or authorized such attacks or hostilities.
The provisions of this act regarding the homeland security is of paramount importance as the domestic security is vital. Through the same the US has been a protection to a great deal and many terrorist acts have been prevented within the US, the US vulnerability to terrorist attacks have been reduced, and damages have been reduced including the assistance to recovery from terrorist attacks. National security is crucial, and it is the mandate of the government and its parliament to protect the state as well as its citizens against any national crisis (Holmes Bill Russell Kids Jersey , 2012).
2. Enhancing Surveillance Procedures
The act allowed the sharing of the information of the grand jury with the national defense, the intelligence officials, immigration and federal law enforcement when the matters entail counterintelligence information or foreign intelligence (Rackow, 2002). Also, the speech on the Patriot Act allows the roving of wiretaps, letting the court issue orders for the government to enforce the surveillance of foreign agent or power. The act also allows the seizure of voicemail messages by the law enforcement. The allow enforcement was also allowed to subpoena the subscriber records from the service providers like the records of durations and sessions as well as the source payment. It was allowed that the Pen Trap tool have usage in recording the number of dialed conversation in the case of Internet dialing and email.
Privacy is very important to any person the surveillance of people activities does not seem to auger well with many American citizens (Domke et al. Kyrie Irving Kids Jersey , 2006).

Beckman, J. (2013). Comparative legal approaches to homeland security and anti-terrorism. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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Holmes, M. (2012). Homeland Security as International Security? The Case for International Relations as Disciplinary Model. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 9(1).
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Salter, M. B. (2004). Passports, Mobility Larry Bird Youth Jersey , and Security: How smart can the border be? International studies perspectives, 5(1), 71-91.

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