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09.09.2019 09:30
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On my balcony, there are three pots of cactus. Although I have been stationed in my home for three or four years, I have not seen them. I don't know if it is because of its ugly shape, or if it is covered with a small thorn, or I have been smashed by it once, but not long ago, it blossomed. The white flowers are like the size of a child's palm. The white, pale yellow flower is held by a stem and stands straight above the ball of the thorn, one on each side. It was discovered by the child: "Mom, come see, cactus - flowering - it is so beautiful!" I walked through the sound and looked at it carefully. Yes, its flowers are so bright, so pure, so beautiful, a faint fragrance is coming, I am intoxicated. When I was about to appreciate it, when I was going to take it with the camera the next day, it faded. Her stunning and short-lived beauty made me move, and moved to re-examine its love cactus Marlboro Lights, which is the national flower of Mexico. It is dressed in a dark green palm, covered in thorns, in various shapes, some like a cute little hedgehog, round; some like a huge green palm, flat; still like An Optimus Prime, long. It was a small thorn like a steel needle, but it used an excellent weapon from the counterattack. Its blooming flowers vary in color. White like snow, red like fire, yellow match gold. And the vitality of its flowers is very short, only one day! Have to admire its decisiveness and courage. I slowly fell in love with it! It has a strong vitality. Cactus is a tropical plant, and its indomitable character is surprising. It doesn't care if it has water, no water, no heat, no cold weather. Its green body is covered with stalks of hard thorns, growing upwards, like a pyramid. In the "green palm", a "green little palm" grows, and a small ball is found on the edge of a green ball, which makes people think a lot. It grows where it stands in this position. In the hot and dry summer, other potted plants have already hanged their heads, and the cactus looks up like a warrior and looks at the blue sky. In the cold winter Newport Cigarettes, other potted plants have already been taken back indoors by the owner. However, the cactus is badly covered with wind and frost, not afraid of the surrounding environment. In this way, it is experiencing the test of the scorching sun on days, months, and years, and growing happily. It requires less and more dedication. It requires people to be just a piece of land, a piece of sand. Whether the land is fertile or barren, it doesn't matter. It can grow and bloom. It never pays attention to it, it is rooted, it is like saying: "This place is really good, just grow here!" Cactus is widely used. It is also a good medicine. People are sick. It can help. For example, if you have mumps, just use a stone to pour it into a sauce, and then apply it to your side. It will soon be cured. Its tender stems can be eaten as vegetables and processed into more than 50 cactus dishes. Its stem pieces can be processed into health foods such as tablets, capsules and beverages. Its blooming flowers can make people fall in love at first sight. Some people love the magnificent peony; some people love the autumn daisy in different poses; some people love the sweet-scented osmanthus in the ten-mile Online Cigarettes..., but I love the cactus that is not amazing! People must also have this indomitable spirit. Whether it is good or bad, we must work and live with a strong will and a happy attitude!

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