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a few steps, I fanned a wing, s ( Gast )

09.09.2019 09:30
a few steps, I fanned a wing, stretc Antworten

Whenever I mention the word "life", whenever I see the cock running on the ground, I will think of it, remembering that half of the chicken in July, my friend brought me a little hedgehog from the bridge. Put it in a small wire cage. After work, I took it home and put it on the balcony and forgot it. When I arrived at the balcony the next morning and saw a broken wire cage, I realized that the little hedgehog had run a child at home and the mother bought six fluffy chicks from the market. The cute chicks ran around on the ground, and the cute children chased after them and did not harm the chicks. They have a great time together. Night, coming, we closed the chicken in the chicken cage the next morning. When I opened the chicken cage, I saw only three chickens ran out, and went in and saw it, God, three other chickens. The wings, legs and head are gone, leaving only one body inside, and the scene is terrible. After cleaning up the mess, I did not figure out the reason. On the third morning, when we opened the chicken cage again, we only ran out two chickens, and one chicken lost its life. So we decided to stick to it. When I was in the middle of the night, I finally got into the house and went to sleep. After sleeping for a little while, my father heard the scream of the chicken, took the flashlight and rushed out of the house. I also went to the balcony and followed the call to the solar energy. I saw a chicken being smashed into a small hedgehog. Drag in the dark! The chick shouted desperately: "Help me Newport Cigarettes Coupons, save me!" Father took a stick and stabbed a hedgehog and saved a chicken from the hedgehog. Going back to the chicken cage, I found that there was no chicken in the chicken cage, and my mother came out. We looked at the saved chicken: one wing was gone, one leg was gone, and the chicken seeds fell to the ground. It is too poor. I put it in the corner of the chicken cage. My mother said, "Let's talk about it tomorrow morning!" In the morning, I got up and went straight to the chicken cage and found that the chicken was still alive: it stood in the corner of the cage, shivering and being eaten. The wings are bleeding, and the legs that are eaten are also bleeding. The most pitiful is to count its neck. The skin on the neck is bitten. The chicken has fallen off, only one from the ground. About centimeters. My weak figure stayed there, and I was heartbroken. Save it! But how to save it? I went to my mother and looked at the chicken. I looked down and said, "Take it a little bit of oil. The vegetable oil is cool and disinfected." "What about the chicken that fell?" I continued to ask. . "Then I tied it up with a cloth strip and tied it around its neck. After getting the mother's recipe, I took action. I quickly went to the kitchen and poured some fresh plain oil and took the cotton swab. I found a piece of cotton cloth. But I really couldn't bear to see the wounded look. I gave it to my mother. After the mother did it, I went to see it. The chicken is like a seriously wounded, languid, and still trembled, his eyes filled with grief. I think: If you are so small, you will be hit hard, will you live? Hey, try your best! Everything goes with the flow. Chicken, Sorry, blame me! I blame me for bringing back the hedgehog and threatening your life. I regret that we have made a small cage for it and hung it up, no longer suffering from small hedgehogs. In this way, every day, we will wipe it with vegetable oil. Gradually, a week passed, I did not expect this chicken to miraculously survive, its chicken and chicken skin turned back, the bitten wings The fluffy little hair, the bit that was bitten off There was also a small velvet hair, and the hair was small and short. The chicken gradually recovered his anger, began to eat some rice, and began to eat a little green vegetables. Our family cares about it gradually, it When I grew up, we rebuilt the chicken cage, removed it from the "air castle" Wholesale Cigarettes, and relocated it, but we still didn't dare to let it out. So we often throw it away. It is nutritious, it eats, leaves, green worms, rice grains, leftovers, etc. Under our careful care, the chicken grows up and grows into a big cock. Look at it, feed it, it will become I have a compulsory course every day. The weather is getting colder and it is rare to have a sunny day. In the afternoon, the warm sunshine is full of the earth, and there is no wind, it is so warm. I said to my mother: "Put the chicken Come out to the event Marlboro Lights, from small to large, it has not come out free. "Mom heard: "Let's! "But we still have some worries, fearing that the hedgehog will hurt it again. So we thought of a way: put a broken shoe on the chicken's foot, let it drag, not far, and can't fly, If we are in danger, we will have time to save it. In this way, we put out half of the chicken that has grown into a big head and have not acted freely for a few months. After the chicken came out, it dragged only the broken shoes. After a few steps, I fanned a wing, stretched one of its legs, looked up, looked up at the sky, and shouted loudly and confidently: "Giggle - slightly -! Giggle - slightly" The voice is so high, so sultry, so powerful, as if to say to me: "I am also a chicken, although there is only one wing, one leg, but I am a cock! A cock that can be screaming looks at the "half chicken" that sings and sings. I was shocked. I felt the power of a strong life. The strength of the life of half a chicken that cannot be underestimated
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